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    I was handed an eval form from my supervisor at work last Friday. He told me to fill it out and hand it in when I meet with the big boss next week for the 90 day evaluation.

    I have been asdked before how I like certain things ... but never asked to fill in how I am performing my own duties...

    I cannot comment on how the company is being run. It is a waste of my time.
    But I do like the people ... and I can say that I fit in with the other crews. I can do the work and take instruction and function without supervision.

    (well duh!!!)

    Have any of you ever been asked to fill out the supervisor's paperwork?
    This sounds more like it's his job, not the employee.

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    We do a "self evaluation" twice/year.

    The boss evaluates us as well.

    You get together, exchange forms and compare.

    If you think you're doing great, and he thinks you suck, there is obviuosly a problem.

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    I do it. I don't waste time where we see eye to eye. I talk to them about the areas where we score differently. Except for the extremely arrogant guys they always score themselves harder than I do.

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    What ever happened to real communication? I'm used to the boss/ worker relationship where I screw up and the man buries me! This touchy-feely stuff doesn't work for me... can I go now, I've got work to do!

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    I brought a friend of mine to work on the job. He's no longer there, due to health reasons.

    But he has worked in construction as well as management. He knows how to get production accomplished.

    He is a no nonsence kind of guy. He dont pull his punches either.
    So I had him score my work.

    I knew he would be honest to a fault.

    ( I did pretty good....)

    Now let's see what the owner has to say. I meet with him this Friday.

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