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    Hope I am in the right thread, help :)


    I am renting a bottom floor condo which is a 4-plex. The property consists of 20 of these 4 plexes.

    For the past few months the owner above me has been running several machines through-out his entire unit, which emit 2 heavy smells. One is a floral fragrance and the other smells like burning nuts.

    He does this 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. The machines vibrate and produce an oily residue, which lingers in my clothes, skin, hair, kitchen appliances, furniture and electronics. The smell makes me dizzy, nauseous and causes some pretty mean headaches.

    I found out that the machines are somehow being fed into the forced air heating system and pulsate the fragrances through the ducting. Then out my heating vents. When speaking with the property management co., they seem baffled by what he is doing, since there is not a mold or leakage problem.

    Just a bit of gossip: the guy is said to be a real jerk and has no HVAC background or experience. In the beginning, we used to joke that he might have a dead body up there and was trying to hide the scent ... hmmmm ... nahhh !!!!! lol

    anyway .....

    Is this normal? and does anyone know what kind of machines these could be and why he may be using them in a 900 sq foot condo? Also, is this harmful to my health?

    Sorry for not being educated in the HVAC area, I just didn't know where to turn for advice.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Maybe doing,growing,making drugs,Ive been in houses where the person is growing marijuana and that hse smelled like skunks on the inside,I didnt stick around,needless to say,,,,,,,call your landlord again,,good luck

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    thx for the response. that was actually my first thought. but as much noise as these machines make, it would give someone reason to call the police.

    I have given my notice already, but still worried about the potential health risk.

    I have a 6" Vortex fan and can buy a charcoal filter if that would help me ... or maybe I should suggest the set up to him. lol

    Anyway, thanks again.

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    Contact your landlord. If you do not get any response then contact the local health dept or building dept. You are then assured that a response will take place.

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