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    Have a new custumer. Found a box next to open drive compressors. opened to find a never used open drive compressor with the name Dorin. I`ve never heard of that brand and can`t find any info.. I thought of using it for a boat anchor..?

    anyone heard of Dorin Compressors

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    Originally posted by ariztech
    .....anyone heard of Dorin Compressors
    I've never seen anything on them........ but after a quick Google I found the Dorin website.

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    Ariz Tech

    They are italian compressors pretty bullet proof if open drive, may struggle for spares in the states though

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    Blissfields are now being replaced by them. Not sure if they bought them out or what. I just sold one to a guy for a replacement of a 25+ yr old Blissfield, and they are a good funtional replacement but did not match up exactly - or so the tech said.

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