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Thread: What to eat.

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    White Castle when your drunk. get the "sliders" with brakes (cheese), unless you're mad at your ass.

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    Never have tried a White Castle but have driven by them. Have heard they are pretty much the same as CRYSTAL. Have eaten there but I really dont see whats so great about that. Gonna have to find a Whataburger one of these days, heard their pretty good.

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    A friend in high school (ATL) was from Baltimore. He used to dream of White Castle. He thought Krystal was a poor substitute (but he ate sh*t loads of 'em.)

    I had my first White Castle years later. Damn they are good! I was in St. Louis, ate at White Castle every day for a week. Then the local guys took me to "The Hill". The BEST Italian food ever. Never even thought about White Castle again.

    BTW, That movie "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

    If you are traveling South, stop at a Krystal restaurant. Order 2 "Krystals", Vidalia onion rings, 1 chili pup (mini chili dog), 1 corn pup (mini corn dog), Chocolate shake and pick up a roll of Tums!

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