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    I saw the doctor yesterday.

    It's serious.

    I've got "sleep apnea".

    He ordered me to quit driving, to get on a breathing machine and he told me it would make a new man out of me.

    It's pretty scary driving and falling asleep at the wheel.

    I'm sharing this shameful fact simply because it is fixable.
    I imagine a lot of guys are going about their daily lives and not even aware they have what I have.

    Your not getting enough oxygen while your sleeping at night.
    So you never feel rested, no matter how much time you sleep in on the weekends or whenever.
    No matter how early yo turn in at night ... you just never get enought rest.

    The doctor laughed as he pointed to the chart on the wall of the exam room ... I have all the symptoms.

    He ordered a medical unit to be delivered today. I took off work early and got "connected" to this device which pumps more air into your body.

    The remark about the rubber hose is real. You wear a type of face mask or no rig which enables to machine, (pump) to push more air in so you get more O2 to the brain.

    Of course, I resisted the full mouth/ nose mask.
    I made jokes about Darth Vader having a better rig than this ... etc., etc.

    The wife was about ready to fetch her gun and hold me down for the fitting of the mask.
    But if this sucker helps me breath better and get some much needed rest ... then I am all for it. Rubber hose up my nose and all

    I've lived with this issue for maybe ten or fifteen years. Maybe longer to some degree.
    No Doze, coffee, juices, etc., helped but nothing cured the root cause.

    Thanks for listening to my schpeal.

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    I fall asleep driving all the time.

    about 45 minutes is my max and I start to drop off. Whadder the other symptoms? If I have a 2-4 hour drive I have to buy an armload of RedBull and crap.
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
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    Isn't life great. I also was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Did you have to spend the night at a sleep clinic? Now that was fun. I always thought I was just lousy at sleep. Now they say I have "severe"apnea. Waiting to get my machine now. Oboy at least my wife gets to sleep now

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    Wouldn't it be easier to rig something up yourself?

    I'm thinking 4-port gauges, low and high hoses in the nose, the other 1/4" hose in the mouth, 3/8 to the oxy bottle. hehe

    My uncle got diagnosed with that a while back. Really changed his life too. I dont' think he uses a machine anymore (might have done some surgery or something to fix him). I'm kinda young for this, but I wouldn't mind gettin a much better night sleep compared to what I get. I'm curious to hear the other symptoms too

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    I have had mine about 3 months now. Not sure if I sleep better, but wife dosen't wake me up to stop snoring. I think I am getting used to the thing. I now sleep thru her alarm clock.
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    I guess it knows no age. Our 21 yr old grandaughter also has sleep apnea

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    I can fall asleep when ever ai sit down for any length of time.

    When I'm standing, no problemo. But sitting is an invitation to sleep ... in my body's opinion.

    when your sleeping and your body isnt getting enough air, the nervous system responds by shaking you violently, to get you to restored to breathing again. Because your body has stopped breathing!!!

    The snoring.
    The restless leg syndrome. Which means one of your legs shakes during the night so your spouse never gets a moment's rest herself. (his-self)

    Never feeling rested even after you been to bed eight hours.

    I will include more. But this is what I remember.

    That machine. It's like the price of a lease agreement on a BMW. Like $300 a month to rent the sucker!!!

    That PPO better pick up the cost.... cause I'll build my own before I pay even a hundred a month myself.

    It looks like a glorified aquarium air supply pump.

    It's filtered, with a water resevoir and a heater to warm the water so there can be mist/ vapor for your nasal passages so they dont dry out.

    The thing has a computer inside and records to a memory card, like a floppy drive would do.

    The unit already needs a larger inlet air filter set up. My brain is working on the improvements, as we type

    My biggest issue so far is the chill to the incoming air.
    I turned on the heater for the water but it's still too cold.

    I would make the heater work harder at the first, then taper off we the water comes up to temp.

    In thinking this whole thing over, I see I am going to be using this device for a very long time.
    And I dont like that.
    I want to know what is wrong with my body that it ceases to breath on it's own and ends up starving for air.

    I want to address THAT part also.
    This machine, device, appliance ... is simply a prosthesis.

    I dont want a long term crutch, I want to be fixed so I can walk by myself again.
    So to speak.

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    R12, sorry to hear about the sleep apnea. My father has suffered for several years and in fact, just went back in this past Monday night for a new 'study.' They came out today with his new 'rig' and the setting is now (I think) at "26". Of course it starts out lower and ramps up.

    He got to the point (he's 82 by the way) where he would wake he and my mother up when he would gasp for air in the middle of the night (he would actually stop breathing!!) Anyway it has been a godsend, and his alertness is directly related to his use of the b-pap machine.

    He now uses it during the day when he "cat naps" and Mom said it really makes a big difference.

    If I can be of any other help, don't hesitate to ask! All the best, J.

    p.s. keep a friend in prayer, he is maintenance guy at church we service. Had his guages on 100 ton chiller and had a 'reverse acting' valve OPEN when he removed his hoses. Now is in the hospital with severe refrigerant burns on both hands. Thank God it didn't catch him in the face. Prognosis is good. Keeping all his digits, just trying to get control of the pain.
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    Try this link.

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    I've been on my machine for over three years now... Symptoms are: headaches, fatigue, irritability, falling asleep, snoring, and a pissed off wife. You'll feel like a new person and finally get some rest. I was able to stay awake during the day, my mood and productivity improved, and my lifelong headaches have been eliminated. The physical issues behind it are the same as with any snoring, the flap of skin to the rear of your throat closes off your windpipe and you temporarily suffocate. I was referred to a sleep clinic after I complained to my doctor about fatigue. Long term sleep apnia causes heart disease because during the lapses in breathing the heart works much harder trying to supply oxygen to the body, oxygen you don't have because you're not breathing. There is surgery that can help by removing the excess membrane in the throat but it is reserved for the worse cases. Those of us carrying extra weight are at increased risk of developing this. Good luck with your new machine, you will grow used to it and using it will become a normal part of your routine.

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    I crashed a service truck 20 years ago dozing at the wheel at 4pm on a summers day - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    I just clean my wifes carpet and all is fine.

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    I wonder if I have it? I'm not permitted to sleep, so I have no way to gauge this.

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