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    a.c.freon leaks?

    i have a two story home in gilbert az. with two outdoor ground level 3 ton a.c. units,the unit for the upstairs requires coolant/refridgerant/freon? every year due to a leak in the line, according to my a.c. tech that does the recharging every year,he has mentioned leak detection co. will be needed to pin point location of leak (this makes perfect sense to me) the units sit outside kitchen window/wall area,and i have noticed a house settling foundation crack that has developed over time since house was built (1995) 3 or 4 feet from kitchen wall,running length of tile kitchen floor area at grout line,house is on golf course also,and have,through research, found out home builder did not use proper slab construction,according to complaints filed by others in development area (neighbors) but doesnt seem that any recourse is available for this,my question is what kind of a nightmare could i be dealing with in trying to solve the leak issue,and do these lines in fact run through the concrete foundation,and due to settling have been compromised thank you for any thoughts or ideas on this.

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    Chances are that the leak isn't in the lineset.

    Get the indoor coil and outdoor unit checked.
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    He needs to call another company in to find a leak? Tell your tech to get off his cheap ass and buy a leak detector.

    I find 99% of the leaks my customers have. I have replaced four evap coils in the last week that were leaking, leaks I found with my leak detector.
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    IF your lines even penetrate the slab, at all, im sure that would have nothing to do with a leak.

    how ever, if the builder of your home cut corners on the homes very FOUNDATION, he may have cut some other corner that could be related to your leak.

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    I almost always find the leaks at the compression fittings on evap coil(trane),carrier(older), same thing, leaks most usually in evap coil or in tube bends in condensor coils (under the plate). I've only found leaksin the linesets from trim moulding nails. If a guy can't find your leak he shouldn't charge you for looking. Of course a leak can occur anywhere, but I sell more coils just by carrying a mobile sniffer in my bag, plus it might save the compressor later. Also have the coil checked on compressor changeouts, the burnout could have been caused by a system low on refrigerant.

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