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    I have Workplace Tech installed on a building site computer and have the unlock code for the software. I want to install it on a Laptop but the unlock code will not work a second time on a different system. Does anyone know how to get around this.

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    Purchase a second license for the second machine?

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    Does it tell you it's already been registered or something?

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    Quite often access codes are generated using the CPU 'serial number' or some other such number that is unique to the particular computer that the software is going to be installed on. This makes it vitually impossible to install the software on another machine unless you can 'crack' the software routine that checks the number and re-write it so it always returns a valid response.

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    Most programs peg the MAC id to generate a license, don't know what WPT uses, but since it is a newer program, I would say that I shouldn't give away the house, you will need to contact Invensys and purchase a new license, charge for it, it is an opprotunity for you to create revenue for your company.

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