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    I am not sure if this belongs in the "wall of shame". I am a newbie and have never seen this setup before.

    Note the CPR valve on this ICP dual compresor condensing unit. Is this normal or hackery?

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    yes, seen on units running in low ambient conditions.

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    I'm not really sure how effective that would be for low ambient operation...a CPR will keep the crankcase pressure below the evaperator pressure when the evap pressure is above the pressure setting. When evap pressure drops, the valve will be fully open and crankcase pressure should be the same as evap pressure. So in low ambient conditions, the valve would do nothing. These are usually used on ice machines and other low temp equipment, so as not to overload the compressor and the beginning of a cycle or when the evap load is high.

    I've seen this in a yoga studio. They started something called "Hot Yoga" where you basically turn the temp up to 95 degrees and do your work out. So you have to modify the AC to work effectively at a constant high evaperator load. Of course they don't use the AC most of the time, anyway.
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    Yes I have and that my be a EPR and not a CPR same body differant direction of flow.Old Mobil stores with 3 tons of size for duct and 5 tons of equiment ,hay it stop the coil from freezing but the price was high super to compressor.
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