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Thread: New Job W/ ARS

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    The company I work for in Texas does a lot of ARS call backs due to their techs not being able to find the problem....a friend of mine worked for ARS and said that they have a quote to meet every week in cash sales...hard to do with people with home warranty.....if you dont make the quote you get put on probation and then if it happens a second time you get let go.... so its up to you to make that decision

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    I wasn't told of a quota or any sales end type of work. I'm starting out in what I'm already doing, boiler installation working 7-4. I want to eventually get into service but for now, installation is where I'm at.
    I'm recently out of trade school with training in AC and a Universal EPA Cert. Even though I have 2 months field experience, I'm still an apprentice and the GM that hired me knows that. So no mention of your experience came up.
    I did pass the Pee Test per the office manager and will call the GM Monday who's back from vacation as to the actual start date at which time I will give my 1 week notice to the current employer.
    BTW- I spoke with the current employer and was told under strict confidence the the crack head mech I'm with is getting fired Tuesday. The front office was wondering how the hell I was putting up this this guy that has lost respect of all management. I told them I blocked out the bull and learned. They don't know I looked elsewhere and maybe they'll counter offer and match my $18/ keep me. I was told hard working, reliable, honest and much liked employees are hard to come by. I'll keep you all posted. PLEASE KEEP THE REPLIES COMING!!

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    Originally posted by newstart
    I was told hard working, reliable, honest and much liked employees are hard to come by.
    At some outfits, you would be the one let go and that other guy ... the one who "smoked his day away" ... the guy who came in when he pleased and worked til he was finished ... he would be the one they chose to keep on board!

    Right now, you dont have a clue what your getting yourself in for ... as far as this industry is concerned.
    And it was the same way for many of us here.

    But we just kept on plugging away at it and eventually we arrived where we are today.
    A lot of hard knocks taught us and forged us into who we are as mechanics, installers, sales people and managers.

    From personal experience and listening to others tell their story .... I find there is NOT a lot of loyalty in the industry- as a whole.
    You can have all osrts of ideas about retiring at this company or working with this manager for the rest of your days .... and you can invest yourself and your resources and make sacrafices which few know about. ... all just to do the very best job you think you can possibly do ...and you can even be told you will have work for a long, long time with this company ...

    and it can be over in no time at all.
    A guy who is working hard or hardly working ... is only protected from "the ax" by maybe two people above him inside the company.
    It is a very unstable environment indeed.

    Co-workers may say whatever they will to you during work ... but once your head in on the chopping block, none of them will come to your rescue.
    Your dead meat. And they are just thankful it wasnt their head which they see rolling away right now.

    As far as ARS goes, I just worked with a guy who knew someone who had worked for ARS. He was doing compressor change-outs.
    He received full company support and $100 per unit replaced.
    He did FIVE PER DAY!!!

    He arrived at each home, connected the recovery machine, unsweated the old unit, brazed in the new one ... while it evacuated he connected the electrical, etc., and fired her up in short order.

    Five compressors in one day! Warranty work. Residential.

    Talk about slaming a job....

    He got caught having an accident in the company truck. The company told him they were sending him to a rehab center and paying for it themselves.

    He quit and had another job before the next morning.
    He had been on drugs.

    How come a guy on drugs gets a second chance and stays on board ... and the company even goes out of it's way to keep the guy?
    And he's a druggee....

    If you fit with what the company is doing ... go for it. They have the resources and dont seem to view employee's like they are expendable/ disposable or simply a "commodity" to be once used and they thrown away.

    I would much rather work with a company full of "mis-fits" who kept people and worked together ... than to work for a so called professional company who didnt have any value at all for it's employee's!

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