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Thread: Mam oh man!

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    Back in April, my upper left jaw started hurting so bad when I ate something sugary that it would hurt all the way up into my ear and my ear would start to drain fluid.

    I went to the dentist, and he said I have a cavity up there that is pretty deep. I also have another one that's not so bad in my lower right.

    He would not fill the cavities however, until I get my wisdom teeth out. (He told me last year that this would need to be done.) I think he figured why do all that work only to have it disturbed when the wisdoms get pulled.

    Well, quite a while went by and my teeth didn't hurt anymore.

    I finally saved up the money to have my wisdoms pulled out, and called to set up an appointment. They can not get me un until september 9th.

    well, a few weeks ao, my tooth started bothering me again. Some days it does not bother me at all and other days it just hurts non stop, although not nearly as bad as it did in the beginning, but still a pain in the ass. (Actually, the tooth hehehe)

    I went into my dentist and explained that i get my wisdoms pulled on sept. 9th, but my upper left tooth sometimes hurts non stop, and wondered if he could give me some kind of pain reliever.

    He gave me a perscription to Acetaminophen/codine. While I was there, he said since I was getting my wisdoms out, and since I can't get it done before september, he would go ahead and schedule me for my big cavity to be filled on aug. 19th. (That was the soonest appointment he had.)

    The first night I took one pill. Took it around 6 pm (As soon as I got it out in the pharmacy parking lot.)

    I was out like a light by 7:30. Woke up next morning, no pain. Pain stayed away for a week.

    2 nights ago, the pain came back. It always seems to come at night and keep me from sleeping. I took one of these pills, not much happened,and I didn't sleep well that night at all. Took another one around 3 am. Finally fell into a good sleep around 4 am.

    Yesterday, pain came and went all day. Took another pill around 11 pm. Again, did not sleep well, took another pill at 3am.

    4:00 came around and I had to go to the bathroom. I went upstairs and went, feeling dizzy this whole time. Got back downstairs afterwards, and sat on my couch. I was so dizzy and I felt like I had to puke, and I broke out in a cold sweat. It was so bad I thought I was going to have to call 911.
    I went over to my bed and got the phone to keep it in my reach. Laid there for about 10 minutes or so and finally came back around. I got some sleep after that. I woke up around 7:30 or so and got up and still felt a little queesy so I decided to stay home from work.

    I was looking at the information givin to me about the medicine by the pharmacy. Right in the information where it says "If these symptoms persist, stop taking and contact a doctor", all of my side affects were listed.
    Mind me, the medicine did nothing for my tooth pain this whole time.

    I called my dentist this am and begged him to see if there was any way he could get me in sooner. He said unless there was a cancellation, he could not get me in before then, but said if he got a cancellation he would call.

    my pain has been comming and going all day long today, and I hope before next friday it will stay at a tolerable level.

    My question is, does it sound like my dentist is trying to push me off, or is this normal? I have called around to other dentists, but I guess being a newcommer, they want to just stick me in their next open spot rather than trying to fit me in somewhere.

    Hell, if this is normal for dentists, I'm in the wrong trade! I don't see any of us getting a call in the middle of the night from someone begging to come fix their furnace because they are freezing and us saying, "Well, unless someone cancels, we can not get there for about 2 weeks."

    What d'yall think?

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    I didn't read that entire medical history but I saw enough to know your dentist sucks, find someone else.
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    Well, Dr's in general can pretty much make up thier own rules. It's not uncommon for you to be getting pushed off some, but a good Dr should work you in as soon as he can. Might be a few days or something but he should be able to find the time somewhere.

    And it sounds like you OD'd a bit on the pills. I had that happen a while back, took 2 pain pills when 1/2 probably would have been about right. Man that is the worst sickness I've ever felt in a long time. Didn't want to move, but couldn't stop the room from spinning, really sick etc.

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    I had a similar experience with a dentist. A specialist I had been sent to. I finally found another dentist (after calling around to many) who would see me. Turned out that the specialist had made several mistakes and actually made my problem worse.

    The dentist who saw me had to perform temporary surgery to stop the pain. He installed a rubber dam in my jaw to allow the mess to drain. I ended up losing two teeth because of a series of errors made by the specialist dentist.

    I had to go to a third dentist (specialist) to have the two teeth pulled. I had no insurance and was young and probably should have filed a suit.

    I was just happy at the time to have the pain gone that I paid them all and went on with my life. Now I have a a bridge between the two missing teeth. That was costly!

    Keep calling until you find a new dentist who is willing to work with you.

    Just as is the case in the HVAC business, there are so called professionals who are quacks or dopes. It happens in all professions.

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    I read it all

    your dentist sucks

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    shoot me an email norm

    I may have something you want

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    You might want to find someone else quick.

    What happens if your cavity has become infected?

    I wouldn't wait to find out.
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    I had a bad tooth that needed a root canal. Had to wait a bit, too. Took that same med, only a few pills as directed.

    Decided to deal with the pain rather than sideeffects. Was taking (by doctor approval) several advil every four hours. Was wearing off before the time was up.

    I was quite happy to get that root canal!
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    I think it was 2003. Hurricane Isabelle put hurting on us. I made coffee on the gas grille as my power was out for 14 days. The first day I drank the coffee about 2 minutes after each sip I got a shooting pain in a tooth. Called my dentist and asked if they had power. They did and saw me early the next morning.

    His diagnosis was that I needed a root canal. Asked me to call a specialist who as it turns out couldn't see me for weeks. Went back and had my regular dentist do the root canal on the spot. Can't tell you how good it felt to get that shot of Novocaine!

    As it turns out I'm still having problems with that tooth. It had recently gotten a crown. I believe all the problems were connected to the way this POS crown was made. But of course he would never admit it and I don't want to sound like a DIY dentist to him but will tell him next time he has to adjust it how much his work sucks on this tooth!
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    Talking Well there's two ways to look at it

    Your dentist is busy because he does a damn good job or he's not concerned about your pain. I'd bet you money that if you show up again, he will go ahead and work on you but he's going to charge you extra because it's an emergency. You can just about count on a cancellation in a day or two. An excuse I used to use is that I work in construction and the job is about to finish anyday now and I won't have coverage so please get me in asap. I usually would get a call within two days.

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    I didn't read that entire medical history but I saw enough to know your dentist sucks, find someone else.
    cut to the chase Dice

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    ct -hvac -tech

    You are doing the right thing. Get those toofys fixed.
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    I would totally get a new dentist! Anytime I've had a tooth emergency like that, they get me in!

    and it sounds like you are probably going to need a route canal. hope you get relief soon !

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