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    cold don

    Need to know suction line temp?
    Low suction / high head = 2 problems
    could be restriction where system has been overcharged to compensate.
    or, could be dirty condenser with low refrigerant charge.


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    pressures dont mean anything. nothing. you cant diagnose anything with just pressures unless its a low charge but you cant charge correctly with pressures.
    .subcooling tells us how much refrigerant is in a system
    ans superheat tells us where the problem is.
    we dont spend hours guessing and looking. we look at subcooling and superrheat and like good little boys and girls they tell us what to do without guessing.

    sounds to me like your condensers dirty and you have a low charge or dirty condenser and evap coil or overcharge with small metering devise or condenser larger than air handler or overcharge and dirty evaporator or, or, or. get the pitcher.

    now go get subcooling and superheat and we will tell you whats wrong.

    sorry but trying to get the message across to everyone who posts here with tell me whats wrong and then gives only pressures, because we cannot diagnose a problem correctly without subcooling and superheat.

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    fixed it

    recovered freon cut bypass copper solder both ends ,"heatpump ahu"evacuated recharge suction pressure good, thank for input

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