Just starting to look into this a little bit, have questions.
How common is this method?
Are there manufacturers that offer equipment (residential)?
I understand the extra care that will be required to bury copper tubing, however I think that the required area of land to be disturbed would be significantly less than with water. There has to be issues with corrosion to consider, but the area I am in, the soil is not conducive to corroding copper at all.
My company has put in 6 GSHP in the last 5 years, all utilizing an array of 'sources' for the exterior heat exchange such as, open loop, pond loop, slim jim into a 71 deg. spring, and horizontal bore holes. The market I would like to crack into is the retrofit market, however the space is an issue within town limits where the customer base is condensed.
I did try a buried 1700 gallon storage tank onto my own home, and it will not work on it's own. I am in the middle of burying a loop field to offset the lack of transfer provided by the tank, but this still presents a problem of space to install loop field.
Drilling is a common option I know, but there is no driller within 200 miles that I would 1)trust and 2)trust. Thought about getting into the drill game myself, but what an investment and that is a whole other set of expertise. I am going to get like homer simpson eventually where every time I learn something new, something old falls out. Like the time I took that wine making class and forgot how to drive.
Just some thoughts out there and I am confident there are guys here willing to share and I appreciate your time.