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    Six months ago I was at this beach rental home and the owner did not want to replace the whole unit. The CU was just a pile rust and corroision. The old AHU with ele. heat was quite rusty but only a noisy motor. Thte H-coil was 3 years old and in good shape. I told him the best I could do was change out the CU and motor and he agreed.
    Last weekend the unit stops blowing. Owner was out of town. The renters call another Co. and they tell him the motor is bad, its low on freon, the coil leaks like a sieve. $$$$ to replace!
    Naturally he finds my # two days later and claims I only change CU and nothing else....etc. etc. I meet him at the house and the problem was a bad 5MFD cap. on the blower! (yes I put a new cap. on it 6 months ago)
    This attic is a beauty, you have to crawl on your stomach to get to it, then its barely possible to get on your knees to work on it. I figured the other Co.'s tech stuck his head in the attic, shined his flashlight on that rusty AHU and made his bold diagnostic statement!
    Now Owner wants to turn in the other Co. and get some $$ because the renters want a refund for being without A/C for 4 days on thier 7 day vaction.
    Some questions.
    Does anybody repair things any more? It seems 80% of my buisness is repairing units that other Co's said needs replacing. Yes, I know sometimes its needed but if the HO doesnt have the $$ why not fix the damn thing instead of leaving with an estimate (or worse saying its unsafe and not to use it when it cleary isnt the case) and service call?
    Does the owner have any recourse? I told him to contact BBB but as far as I was concerned it was his diagnosis that was wrong. He didnt do anything wrong by not fixing it. He was probably to fat to fit in the attic anyway and was going to make $$$$ if he was to crawl in there.
    Im finding its more and more difficult to find techs that know how or want to... troubleshoot!
    Kinda venting here.......

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    I totally agree with you. As a homeowner, and I have a few rentals..I run into this alot. I am without air now for the same reason. Replaced the furnace when that wasn't even the problem. I hope more people will listen.

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