I just stumbled on to a thread last night that encouraged me to post my results. The unit is a Carrier 50YDS049 with the desuperheater. It is installed on (4) 200 foot vertical wells in Charleston Wv. The original plan was to install the indoor unit in the garage. Because of the slope on the lot, we ended up flipping the bedroom and the garage. Some how the unit ended up being installed in the utility room, (beside of the AHU) which is right next to my bedroom. I was worried about noise but it is very quiet in low stage and I am thrilled with the performance. The FV4CNF006 variable speed air handler can not be heard when it is running and the comfort level is excellent. The controller is the Edge Thermidistat which has great looks and lots of features. I went all out and put in a storage tank for preheating the hot water and can't wait to see how the utilities average out. We started this unit on 2/19/11 and I could not be more pleased with the perfomance.