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    ac components

    Hi guys, i recently was at an estate sale where there were some items outside that i felt were pretty much overlooked by the buyers. I wound up coming into possession of two of these. They came together at the sale, although i am not sure if they work together as part of a system or not. I'd like you guy's opinions on whether i struck out or hit a home run.
    The first piece is i think (correct me if i'm wrong) the compressor unit to a central air system. The unit says Heil 10 on the top in the middle. It says heat pump on the side. There is a model # NHP018AKC1 on the unit. The two copper pipes coming out of the bottom are cut off about a foot out and taped up at the ends.
    The second piece is i think an air handler. It is about 3' tall by 2' wide by about 2' deep. It says carrier air conditioning on the side. There is a model
    # 40AQ02300BB. It also says refrigerant 22, and there are alot of heating/cooling numbers there on the side. This unit also has a copper fitting and a copper pipe that comes out a ways and is taped up. There looks like a place for some plastic fittings underneath.
    I have no idea of the working condition of either one of these two pieces.
    I also am at a loss on what to do with them, I figure i have 4 options tho.
    1. Try to get the system figured out and get it working. If a minor time and money investment would be worthwhile, i'd be willing to make it. Might make an affordable ac system for somebody who otherwise wouldn't be able to have one.
    2. Sell the parts just like they are. Who would want/need these things?
    3. Someone suggested to me that i could take the pieces apart and take the copper out of them. I would consider doing this if neither of the first two ideas are going to work.
    4. I could just get up to about 70 miles an hour and accidentally leave the tailgate down and slam on the brakes. I've never seen an air conditioner explode before. Might be fun. Is there any way to test these out to see if they work? Any suggestions on what i should do with em? Didn't know what to do so i figured i would ask some people who know a little more than me.

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    craigslist or ebay
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    take it to the scrap yard

    the hp is 1 1/2 ton unit

    the air handler is 2 ton

    unless you're conditioning the dog house, don't spend much on it
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    Might be a good system for your garage. I don't know where you are located, but I put a 2ton system into my garage several years ago. Now all of my neighbors want me to find them a system for their garage.

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