Replace both Furnace and AC at same time?
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    I have been planning on replacing only the gas furnace along with the AC coil now and replacing the central AC compressor in a year or two. Are there any major advantages to getting them matched at the same time (price, warranty)? If I lock into a new coil now does that limit my AC compressor choices later?

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    You might get a better price if you do it all at once.

    If your going to wait for a year to do the outdoor unit, then wait to put in the new indoor coil also.
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    Here it is in a nutshell.

    You have an HVAC system, if you want optimum performance and efficiency along with the added benifit of better comfort, install a complete system. BTW, the system includes the installation and ductwork evaluations and corrections.

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    cheaper to do system all at once. if you size coil for old system it will limit what you can do for new unit. hook new coil up to old unit, then when you come back to do new unit any contaminants from old system are sent right into new compressor.

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    It is always better to replace the whole system including the line set. But in the real world money often limits our choices.
    I try to give my customer the most for their money, and stay within their budget.
    The labor is about the same to replace the furnace and A coil or just the furnace. So replacing them both will save you some labor. Just go over the options of the new system with your contractor so you will have the right coil.

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    First of all, the indoor coil is part of the cooling system. It isn't wise to do it with the furnace. It ain't part of the heating system, it just happens to reside downstream of the furnace.

    Say you buy a new coil with your furnace now. With the new SEER requirements and R410a coming, your new coil will be obsolete next year. So what do you buy for an outdoor unit? Whatever it is, it will be mismatched to the coil and that's a big mistake.

    I see 3 others agree with me on this one! If you can't afford to do all, then just do the furnace so when you are ready for new A/C, you can get a matched system.

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    Thanks guys. I will explore replacing the whole system. I am sure I will have some other questions later.

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    I have a similar dilemma with only changing the furnace, not the A/C. The previous homeowners had the outside unit changed due to hail damage, but the inside coil is still the original 27 year old unit. Is it wise to change the inside coil along with the furnace changeout due to it's age, or does it really just depend on the condition of the coil? (I expect the outside unit to be fine for many years to come, so I'm just trying to do what's right).

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