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Thread: Back to the ER

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    Had minor cuts, few stitches, pulled muscles etc over the years. Worst one, years ago, extension ladder slid out from under me. Couldn't get away from it. Leg got hung up between the rungs. Crushed my lower leg & ankle. Doctors put in two steel plates, 16 screws and a bone graft. Told me I'd have to learn a different trade because I would not be able to climb anymore. Been back at it for over ten years now.
    Tucson, Az
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    Bro back in the hospital tonight. 5 hours in ER. He has a staph. infection. Drained a bunch of stuff from "good" leg. They are keeping him atleast tonight.

    He got hit by a drunk driver when we were teenagers. Both of us on our bikes. Still remember him flying off his bike, we were stopped to make a left turn. His right foot took most of the trama and has been bigger than normal ever since.

    I've several scares from sheet metal. No stiches, but should have gotten some when I sliced my face open between the eyes. I figured what the hell, I'm not that pretty anyway.

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    Outside, I can see your calling is in the office. Please for your own safety, stay there, only go out into the feild to LOOK at stuff. Oh yeah, when you go, wear padding.

    Good luck
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    There is one thing for sure. Your brother is a tuff old bird and has the will to live.
    Be safe not fast. body parts don't grow back

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