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    Friedrich Geo-Thermal Heat Pump

    Friedrich Geo-Thermal Heat Pump installed in 1980 and never been turned on since installation. Additionally it was installed as a supplement for passive solar heating. Is this unit usable at this point or am I wasting money trying to have it serviced and checked out. This unit uses a closed crawl space rather than a ducting system. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Certainly worth checking out, likely is just fine.

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    Thanks for the encouragement, I'll have it serviced and hope your right. Any idea on what the thought was on not having ducting?


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    No duct at all isn't good. Causes high amp draw on the blower motor. should have some type of back pressure. Anyway, sounds like it may have had some forethought involved. It really should be checked for water flow and all the proper operating specs.

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    D-Allen, Thanks for the input. I'll certainly ask those questions of the heat/cooling pro when I have it checked out next month.

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