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Thread: BTU's vs Tons

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    I'm replacing my AC and furnace, I've gotten 3 bids so far. I'm waiting on the numbers for the final bid. Only one out of the 3 did any type of load calculation. It read my house 1600 to 1700sqf house needed 38,000 BTU's of cooling. By the way he was selling Bryant. He said 3 Ton is 36,000 and a 3.5 Ton was 42,000. He went with the 3.5 since the house needs 38,000. Do these numbers sound about right?


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    Yup 12,000Btus per ton. If you read some posts on this forum, duct design will have a direct correlation on how the system will cool. So if your duct design is marginal, you probably will not get the full cooling effeciency of the the unit to begin with. So one would think if the manual J points to 38K Btus, 42K BTUs should work from a cooling perspective, you just might not be able to dehumidify down to a good level. He should also do a test for duct work design.

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