Help me settle an argument about charging systems
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    I know this is not a DIY site, so don't worry about giving me the answer.

    A guy I work with says it doesn't matter which way you hold the bottle when charging a system, I say it does. In this case it is R134a I'm talking about. I just wanted to verify that it makes a difference which way the bottle of refrigerant is held when charging A/C systems.

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    yes it does matter which way you hold a refrigeration cylinder during charging depending on manufacturer.

    some have two handles (color coded) while other have a single.

    if you have a cylinder with a single valve handle you have to flip the jug upside down to change from vapor to liquid.

    hope this helps.
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    R134a is a single component refrigerant, ie it's not a blend of 2 or more different substances. It doesn't matter if R134a is charged as a gas, or as a liquid. There would be no fractionation if charged as a gas because it only contains one substance with one boiling point. If charged as a liquid care must be taken to not liquid slug the compressor if charging through the low side. Any refrigerant in the 400 series, ie R404A, R401a, etc must be charged as a liquid as they are made up of several different gases with different boiling points. The 500 series ie R502, R500, etc are azeotropic blends, this means they are made up of more than one gas, but act as one when they are mixed in the right proportions. R500 series refrigerants exhibit one boiling point even though each individial gas that makes up the refrigerant has different boiling points. R12, R11, R22, R123, R124, R134a etc are single components refrigerants and can be charged as either a gas or liquid. Hope this helps.

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    That makes sense. I knew that R401a had to be charged a certain way from another thread. That got me thinking they were all that way. Thanks for the info.

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    One other serious consideration, on a single valve container, if you charge valve down you are charging liquid into the system. If you charge liquid into the vapor line, it is possible to feed liquid refrigerant into the compressor, if the system is running. This can damage the compressor if too much liquid is ingested into the compressor's suction port. Normally liquid should only be charged into the liquid side of the system.


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    there is a special part to buy to make the refegerant fracture when holding a can upside down

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    r134a is not a blend so it does not matter. blends will have to be charged by liquid (bottle upside down)
    all you have to do is look at the bottle. blends will have na arrow on the bottle telling you which way to put the bottle.

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    Originally posted by airworx
    have to be charged by liquid (bottle upside down)
    Watch this comment. Some bottles have dip tubes, such as R406a and some of the R410a tanks.

    Never assume!

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    Originally posted by t1tech
    there is a special part to buy to make the refegerant fracture when holding a can upside down
    theres also a blue handle on your gauges. Spend that money on more important things.

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    It only matters on the refrigerant flavor.

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    like i said if its a blend then there will be a label on the bottle telling you which way the bottle needs to be to charge.
    thats what i said. read it over and over.

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    Originally posted by airworx
    there will be a label on the bottle telling you which way the bottle needs to be to charge.
    thats what i said.
    And you know as well as I do, people will see the comment on the bottle position and see nothing else!

    People will always take things to mean what they want them to say, and not the true meaning.

    (it was nothing towards you directly)

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    when charging liquid for r22 can I do it on the high side with the compresor off ? I think this is the safest way right ?

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