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    I have a Lennox G61 furnace and HSX19 air conditioner which supplies my second floor sleeping area. We both work and use a 2 degree setback during the day with the temp lowering to 76 when we get home and 74 for sleeping. The humidity rarely goes lower than the upper 50s. The VisionPro does not have humidity control. Any suggestions for lower humidity including change in thermostat, lower temps during the day or whole house dehumidification. I live in Atlanta with long humid summers. Thanks

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    Hopefully they installed the G61V with the 2 stage A/C. Make sure the humidity control is turned on if it is switchable. Make sure blower speed is set to no more than 400 cfm per ton. On most brands, a simple humidifier humidistat can be connected to the furnace to slow the blower in times of high humidity. Lennox used to sell the Signature stat that did that though I heard it is being dropped. True or not? There are a couple other stats that will do humidity control with a variable speed blower. Also, don't run the fan constantly in humid weather.

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    Lennox has an "Efficiency Plus" humidity control that can be installed separately from your thermostat that will allow the blower to run at lower speed when the humidity level is high.

    Also, I'm not sure about the G61V, but the G60V has a dipswitch setting that will cause the blower to always run slower for the first 7 minutes or so of the A/C cycle for extra dehumidification. In Atlanta, this is probably almost always a good thing.

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    If after maxing the a/c's dehumidification, check-out Ultra-Aire whole house dehumidifier. Its especially interesting for damp weather with low/no cooling load. Lennox offers the Ultra-Aire. YOur a/c should be able to provide 50%RH during the hottest days. The dehumidifier automatically operates when needed. Your web dehu peddler, TB

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    This is going to sound strange, but can you do a larger setback? A larger setback would cause a longer recovery cycle, which would provide a longer run-time and better dehumidification. Which VisionPro is it? I know the TH8321 does have the humidity control and holds the AC in the 1st stage of cooling longer, which does remove more moisture than running in the high stage. For some reason, the TH8321 ships out of the box with the humidity control disabled.

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