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    Installed this spring with a TXV. Another guy replaced a burnt breaker this afternoon.

    I went back two hours later and found breaker tripped.

    SH SC head and back pressure all okay. Amp draw 5 to 6 amps below RLA.

    It did blink the lights when starting. No TD or hard start kit. Scroll compressor.

    Didn't get TXV numbers, but do these units need hard start kits because of the TXV. It took a little over five minutes to equalize. (still about 10 psi between high and low).

    I installed a kicker and TD to get them by tonight.

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    hard start kits are required on all systems with txv's.
    besides that flooding is usually the cause of compressor problems. make sure that subcooling is not over 12-15 degrees unless specified by design. it doesnt matter about the pressures or superheat anything over about 12 degrees is overcharged unless specified by design.

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    Originally posted by airworx
    hard start kits are required on all systems with txv's.
    Scroll compressors, wich this system has, don't require a hard start kit to start against unequal system pressures.

    Hard start kits are often installed in them to reduce startup amps to reduce dimming of lights.

    Some manufacturers put hard start kits in heat pumps with scroll compressors. This is because they sometimes have trouble starting in low ambient conditions due to increased mechanical friction in the scroll mechanism when the compressor is very cold.

    Trane recommends the addition of a hard start kit to scroll compressors whenever the system is expected to operate in the cooling mode with ambient temperatures below 30F.
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    Is there a long line set run? May require crankcase heat and liquid line solenoid.
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    I prefer start kits on anything with a TEV, but we have tons of HS-26 systems running just fine without them. I would be looking more closely at the line voltage wiring and connections (main panel breaker to compressor).

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