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    I just bought a pipe clamp temperature probe to go with my fluke 16. Is there a right or wrong way to put on liguid or suction line??? Also are there any calibration problems??

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    Make Sure that you have the lineset in the groove and that the copper is clean without too much corrosion or oil on it before using it.

    I don't know the Fluke 16, but my Fluke has a set screw to calibrate the thermocouple. if yours has one, use a glass full of crushed ice with just enough water to make it slushy and stick a K type thermocouple in and your meter should read 32 degrees. adjust the set screw as necessary then you should get super accurate readings on your clamp.

    Good luck.

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    There isn't an adjustment on the fluke 16. Don't worry-- have used mine for years with no problems. I have wore out a few pipe clamps, but the meter keeps on a ticking!!
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    I have the MIRA clampit devise. When I'm not useing it at work I'm useing it at home for birth control. Don't snip it when you can clampit. MIRA multi purpose clamp.

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    Doesn't the 16 require an adapter for the pipe clamp? Or are they making one now that will plug right in. The only ones I've seen are the K type which won't work on the 16 without the adapter.
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    Don't buy the Fluke 16 for temp. It does require an adapter, and the meter is way off when it comes to temp. Buy the Fluke 80PK pipe clamp and an inexpensive Crapman.

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    I would clean the copper with sanding cloth before I use any temp probe--just a suggestion....

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