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    Does anyone know where I can track down a cased or uncased A-Coil for a Inter-City gas furnace. I can't seem to find any info for Inter-City and I heard they were out of business and bought by someone else. I need a coil that is 18.5 " deep by 14" wide. Pref 12 seer.

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    You might be able to find something here.

    The former Inter-City's current parent company.

    Good luck.
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    United Refrigeration 1-336-721-0095 winston-Salem NC or you might have 1 in your town.

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    So do you want a EED 'builder model', EPD 'upflow downflow model', EPM 'multi-pos', or a EXD/EXM 'TXV option coil'?

    What is the coils height and size requirements?

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