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    For you professionals. I will be building a home in north Texas in the very near future. I am looking for equipment recomendations. Brand names I do not have to have, I just want reliable, energy efficient equipment. I am on a Co-op so I cannot change my electricity provider and man have they gone up!!!! I have carrier HP now and am not that impressed, it is an old scroll type compressor that sounds like a thrashing machine when it shuts off. My new home will be propane fired furnace. My architect says I will require TWO units. It is a single story home but it is pretty long. I see some like the new Goodman equipment and the company my employer uses like Fridigaire but am open to any suggestions. If you are in the Fort Worth, Mid Cities Area and do not mind driving to Azle get my email from my profile section and let me know you would like to bid on the job.

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    If you are using propane, you certainly should go dual fuel and use the heat pump as much as possible. May be wise to skip the gas and get an electric backup too. Check your rates. Usually propane is extremely expensive heat.

    Everyone has their own opinion of brands. I wouldn't put Goodman in my own house but for a rental or something similear, they are fine.

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    I say, git one o' them real high efficient ones, there, Tex. Say, like, a 14SEER or higher. And git a real good warranty to go along with it, too!

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    Nope NO heat pumps for me. I have one now and it S***S. I was raised on NG heat so that is the only way for me!!!!!

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    i service all of north texas. dont do dallas though.
    fort worth, arlington and azle.
    will be glad to quote you a price except i dont sell goodman. have sold frigidaire. i sell lennox and bryant.

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    Go Goodman. Great warranty, scroll compresser, and in NC, have been as good as any. I have installed Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Coleman,and Goodman. Have had less worries with Goodman but like them all. My supplier sells Rheem and Goodman and said he sells more Goodman and has less trouble with them. They are simple systems and problems usually are simple to fix, not to mention cheaper. Look around and you will find people who all hate a different brand and also like them. I see not much difference in any of them performance wise. Usually depends on who installs them. Goodman has best warranty for the $$$. Go heat pump with gas logs or watercoil for back up. Gas prices are just too high.

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    IMO- I'm in N.Tx (So FW) and my suggestions for equipment would be a 14seer heatpump with variable speed air handler controlled by a H-Well Vision-Pro 8000 t-stat..The complaints on the HP's that I deal with are install related (sizing, ductwork and the set-up of the elec heat). I have customers that are on propane and they love it except for the expense of it .. If need be I could give you a bid depending on your time schedule (I do come up as far as Eagle Mtn) cuz I have a ton of from now to the ened of the year.....IMO architects sizing equipment is scary

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    Originally posted by andserco
    ..IMO architects sizing equipment is scary

    "_Air handler is 21" x 24"
    so I will plan for a 30" by 30" 'Mechanical room '.

    Can I put BOTH Units in there?_"

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