No not me but I have a good guy who worked where I do and is a heck of a guy but got caught in something he couldnt avoid. It was nothing personally about him and nothing I would have done differently at all.

He has been to several Trane classes and is an honest and heck of a hard working guy. He has his AAS and could be a technician given an oportunity. He is in Dallas ATM but will be heading back to Amarillo if something doesnt pop up pretty quick for him.

He has no criminal back ground and is drug free since that is what we require. Does out standing work and is a great addition to any team.

If you have any question please call me for now or email me and I can get you in contact. He doesnt have a personal cell phone but will by this afternoon and his computer access is limited as well

I can be reached at the email in the profile. THis is a chance at a quality guy.