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    Hi I am looking for somebody to give me some advice on being a HVAC tech. I am currently planning on taking a class for HVAC however it is only 9 weeks long 3 hours a week. Is this good enough to get a job as a HVAC tech? Thanks

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    27 total hours??????

    Do they charge for that? Crazy. It might get you a job as a gopher.
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    Yes 60.00 So I take it you are saying it is a waste of time? How long would normal school be in order to get a job and be good at it?

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    The program I attended was 79 credit hours which is a little over an associates degree.
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    Sounds like a night or weekend class at a votech. Those pretty much give you an idea what the trade is about and gives the instructor a chance to know why you are trying to learn the trade. If your happening to want to learn it being you have some type of business or something that entales a little refrigeration or air conditioning work, that instructors going to ofer to do it for you for a fee being you will never learn enough to really do it in that time in his class.

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    Sounds like a class to pass the EPA cert test is all. No way will it teach you anything hands on.

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    Thats a joke.....attend an accredited school or trade school.

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    I'm attending the local community college vo-tec HVAC/R program. its 18 months if you go full time and summer a and b. You might want to contact the community college in your area and see if they have classes...not too bad of a price..
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    I think you need to check the program schedule 1 more time.
    If it is a 27 hour course it will be an automotive class

    If it is a course that is at least 400 hours long over the course of a year or two then you are in the right class.

    $60.00 sounds right for an automotive ac class

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