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    Do to injuries received in a accident my heavy lifting(as in compressor changeout)days are over. I am wanting to move into control work. I have 21 yrs experience as a commercial service tech. with a fair amount of pneumatic control work. Looking for input on the best way to go about retraining. Thanks in advance for any help

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    You might want to check in with a local branch of one of the larger controls companies like JCI... They always have tons of money to throw away on training new guys on their systems.

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    Good luck! There is definitely age discrimination. Companies want to train young guys so they are around for a while (if they can keep them). I see a lot of assumtion that older techs don't know anything about computers.

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    Pneumatic control experience is a big help in grasping DDC strategies. I ran service for 14 years before I got into it. My pneumatics helped tremendously.
    When you do get a job, be prepared for a lot of at home study, learning whatever system your company uses. It'll be worth it.
    Good luck,

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