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Thread: The Handyman.

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    James, on my best day .... you did what I would have wanted to have occur. Congrats!

    Well done!!!

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    Originally posted by classical
    I was on a job today handyman told a woman her t'stat was bad. Old mecury bulb unit working fine just not level so set point isn't right. Thing is painted to the wall so can't level it without making a mess. Convinced her to leave it alone.
    If you did not want to level the stat, you could have sold her a foundation leveling job.

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    Originally posted by classical
    Rob said James and Dice are having a love fest over here is this the thread.

    Rob is jealous cause we both have bigger boobs than his wife. Well, James does anyway.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


    Bring Em Home....

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    hey rep!

    We are just playing! You will learn that in life. And maybe we weren't playing. Gross Huh? I wish you the best, Roy

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