I have a 1100 sp ft home, 2.5 ton Ducane Condensing unit/A Coil with furnace in attic.New parts are matched.
The unit that I am working on ,1 mile from the beach,does not seem to cool well enough,or maybe the ambient temps may be too low ?

Here's what I have (some plus or minus because of slight winds)

Good air flow
OAT 73 , condenser outlet 85
LLP 175, LLT 80.5,SLP 70, SLT 65.5

12.5 subcool

24 Superheat at condenser (imposible to access cassed evaporater)

12 condenser dif
16 drop across evaporater (measurment taken at return
entrance and nearest register)

Am I looking at sub par cooling because of low outside ambient tempatures ? Or should I be looking at something else.