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Thread: kmc controls

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    we use a brand of kmc controls. very easy to use and write your own prgrams to control any hvac application.

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    I have been installing KMC for 10+ years and have had great luck with their equipment. Highly recommend them, but they are not a plug and play system.

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    KMC is Great but...

    We started installing KMC about four years ago. Now have eight buildings that we have re-controlled using KMC. I like the system and how versatile it is except for one thing...

    …we have to buy everything we install from our competitor. They have the distributorship and are also an installing dealer. This makes for a bad combination and KMC doesn’t seam to want to do anything different. I have tried applying for dealer but have not had any answers from KMC.

    Any Ideas?

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    Contact Eutech ( and see if they can do something for you. (note the press releases)

    Otherwise - (I'm beating a dead horse but it's true yet again) the best road to not having this problem in the future is LNS Lonworks because you could change vendors and still support existing installations. Right now you are really working for the distributor.

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    kmc controls

    Just wondering if you can go into detail a bit more about your comments regarding KMC controls. I recently became a dealer for KMC and I am looking to exchange program libraries with established KMC techs. Any thoughts?

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    I am in sales. I rely on our designer/programmer to help me with the details. I will have him e-mail you if you contact me.

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