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    Hello pros. I know mechanics, wiring, some plumbing and carpentry but don't have much experience w/ HVAC so any help would be appreciated.
    My A/C is on the fritz. @ 14 years old in new construction. Basic contractor quality. The tech sez: "Entire I/D coils is sweating but very dirty. O/D coil is clogged. 62/290. Heat exchanger badly rusted. Contactor are original burnt/rusted." 21degree at ID coil; 82 degrees at ID return temp." Would require to repair: "40 amp contactor; pull & clean blower assembly, clean condensor coil, clean I/D coil & pan, pump down & evacuate w/drier"
    Tech recommended a complete replacement of the gas furnace and A/C system. This would be several thousand more than the repair estimate. Does this sound reasonable? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like a horrible mess, as our old oil tech would say.

    Cleaning the outdoor coil isn't hard, nor is changing a contactor. Pulling the blower assembly to wash the housing & wheel takes a bit of time. Sounds like he thinks he has to pump down the system and remove the indoor coil to wash it. If so, that suddenly became an expensive several hour project. If it can be done without pulling, it wouldn't be so bad. But since we can't see it, we can't tell you.

    Dirty & rusty 14 year old equipment, might not be such a bad idea to consider replacing all. You'll have to decide what your budget allows. Certainly get a 2nd opinion on replacement price.

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    If the furnace heat exchanger is really badly rusted that's dangerous and should be replaced. See if you can confirm this visually yourself.

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    Considering the things that could go wrong after this work,it's really your decission.

    The money spent today would/could have gone towards a higher SEER and AFUE system,so it costs less to operate.Now add the saving in operating cost for the next 3 to 5 years ,to todays expense,and your getting closer to paying the the replacement cost,(varies alot around the country).

    Now look at the increased comfort a twostage furnace and compressor with a variable speed fan would be like,cost to replace goes up ,but so does your comfort for the next 15 years or 5479 days.So if it was to cost $2700 more for a system that provides increased comfort,it's les then 50 cents a day.

    It could last X number of years with no further problems,your money,your choice.

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    Sounds like poor maintenance has destroyed your equipment. Have it all replaced with an easy to change air filter....and change it regularly.
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    Many thanks to all responders. Appreciate the good advice. I'll try to get a visual..., confirming rust etc. If bad then it sounds like a new system competitively installed is the right way to go. fyi... re: poor maintenance... very likely my fault! Will know better next time. Thanks again.

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