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    I need to replace the condensing unit for a homeowner and I am not sure what size the old one is. Here is the problem, the units data tag is sun bleached and unreadable. The compressor also has no legible numbers. The homeowner says another A/C man told her it is a 1 1/2 ton unit.

    The old unit is for an earth contact home. It has a 5/8 suction line and 3/8 liquid line. The furnace is a 55,000 BTU input/43,000 BTU output.

    I tend to think 1 1/2 ton is correct but I just wanted some feedback.

    Any guesses?


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    why guess, do a load calc

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    Originally posted by filterchanger
    why guess,
    Perhaps, it's More FUN.
    Designer Dan
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    What's a earth contact home? Like a berm or earthhome? TB

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    I think they just start framing on the slab foundation,no crawlspace.

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    size condenser

    Another way to size condenser is look at evap. coil and determine its size, label sometimes on outside but usually on inside. Copper tubing size indicates 1-1/2 to 2 ton, if length is less that 35-40 ft. If no label on evap coil and your still not sure do a heat loadcalc.

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