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    I got a 1.5 ton unit to replace. Old unit has 3/16"ID liquid line, but new 10 SEER unit has 1/4" ID line size. Both units run R22. One of our techs say use the old 3/16" line size is OK, I'd rather change out the line to what the new condensing unit has (1/4"). Total run is small, maybe 20 feet with minimal bends. Suction line size is the same amoung both units, if it matters.

    Whacha think?

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    I always replace the line set no matter what even with a line drier i would not be confident.

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    What is old unit? Only thing I know of smaller than 1/4" was the old Lennox RFC system and you definitely need to get of that lineset.

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    i'm guessing you haven't read the installation manual.
    try it, you will finds all kinds of info and required specs there.

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