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    I rescently purchased an Aire-flo 2.5 ton 12 seer heat pump condensor that has a txv valve mounted near the compressor inside the condensor cabinet. My questions is My indoor airhandler(also new but not Aire-flo) coil does not have a TXV valve and should one be installed here or not or does it matter? Everthing I read says the TXV should be near the indoor coil.

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    you have a heat pump which the outdoor coil will be the indoor coil during heat mode. you dont neccessarily need a txv inside unless you want better efficiency. you may not be getting a 12 seer system without the txv. most residential contractors like basic simple setups. but i have one one my system and always will.

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    airworx is correct, the 12 seer air-flo equipment has an outdoor txv, it is not always needed inside, lennox says that if you put a 3 ton air handler with a piston you will still acheive 12 seer on a 2.5 ton outdoor unit. a little more info for you, make sure you od txv is secure and that none of the copper tubes are rubbing together, also make sure the sensing bulb and the equalizer tube are not touching anything.. I have changed hundreds of these do to poor quality control. good luck

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    Originally posted by dave82323
    I have changed hundreds of these do to poor quality control. good luck
    Some details get left unconsiddered in the race to make the least expensive equipment money can buy.

    My limited experience with Airflow equipment leads me to beleive they are at the front of the pack in that race!
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