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    OK, I am getting the picture and I appreciate all your help. Now, I have a couple more questions: 1) Of the software/pre-printed books on the market, which do you feel would be the better suited for a one man operation?
    2) Should I get the software or the pre-printed books in your opinion? and 3) How do I change my membership to a pro-member? I tried last night but it kept telling me that I was already registered.
    Thanks again

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    Call Calahan Roach, their books are preprinted for you, customized to your needs, including all of the header columns.

    I tried the do-it-yourself books. If you have about a hundred extra hours on your hands you can make it work.

    You are better off paying a professional to get it done for you rather than doing it yourself! Isn't that the advice we all give everyone?

    My email is in my profile, I can fix you up with the best guy they have at C/R.

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