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    Moving to NH and am looking for a HVAC supplyhouse to work for. Have almost 10 years experience in HVAC. Have experience as a, technician (3 years) dispatcher (under a year)at a supply house (about 2 years) for a distributor (about 5 years). I have hands on experience from installing residentail and commercail equipment,all the way to inside/outside HVAC sales. Any leads provided would be greatly appreciated. Who knows,it may work out that the person your calling for assistance in the near future may be me. Thank you

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    Please find a job soon. I can't take the supply houses in NH any more. Most of the guys have never seen an a-c unit. All they do is data entry. No model number no part. Even a multi tap 50 va transformer.

    United Refigeration had an ad a few weeks ago. The Salem, NH branch could use someone that wants to work.

    Distibutor Corp of NE in Salem Could use someone, heck a guy that has worked on a unit working the counter would be a welcome change. { you do know what an oil pressure control is don't you} Please call them. save me from driving 30 miles south for parts.

    I wish you luck in your search.

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    I'm doing my best boss, being that I worked for DCNE Salem branch in 2001-2002 we may know eachother, there are a few ads that I've responded to, hopefully I'll be back soon. Please let me know if you here of anything. Thanks

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