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    Carrier iVU FC-OPN Controller; Binding points.

    Description of work; using iVU Open controllers, Fan Coils, factory configured and wired upon delivery to jobsite. Uploaded contollers and configured for the job. The job is a school, with two fan coils per classroom, both units supplied by the same Space Sensor and CO2 sensor. One unit has the stat an CO2 sensor hardwired to it. I have got to take those points and send them to the other unit via the network. I was told to read my manuals and help documents, but all I can find are desciptions as to what the fields mean and what they do, no logic what soever. I am using Field Assisant to configure these controllers. Anyone have any advice?

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    Create a custom Snap program, load it into a I-vu Open Router, or UC-Open, or UC Open XP, or Open Link controller.

    Your custom Snap Program would read the BACnet space sensor and CO2 points analog values from one unit (with the physical points), and BACnet broadcast analog values to the other FC-Open unit.

    Your custom Snap program will need two analog network inputs, and two analog network outputs.

    You will need to write the points at a higher priority to the FC Open unit BACnet points that doesn't have the physical sensors wired to it.

    You can get the FC-Open BACnet point id's from the FC-Open IOM or do it live by picking on the network points, and mapping to the points you want to write to.

    Piece of cake, should take you less than an hour.

    Hope it helps

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    Thank you for your help. Im trying to get some programming assistance from Carrier but their hard to get a hold of. Any chance there might be some pdf's available on the web for download that may assist with using snap and programming iVU applications?

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    Thermostat Linkage

    Though you can certainly use Snap to accomplish what you're after, you may be able to use the Thermostat Linkage ability built into the controller already. If this is something like an App Controller factory loaded with the FC app., simply address the units sequentially, with the highest being the one with hardwired sensors and configured as the master through Linkage. This function is designed to do exactly what you're after and is a built in function. Just an idea.

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    Does anybody know were i can get the SNAP sofware to configure my Trane LCI cards to talk to my Carrier Open Link

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    The SNAP programming environment software is actually part of the Tech Tools Kit available through your local Carrier distributor. The part number is USB-TKIT. It comes with the entire 5.1 open software package and the interfave cable and usb adaptor.

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