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    I don't know why no program was entered into a chronotherm IV. They chose to just use it manually, using the up and down temp arrow.

    \so, it got me thinking, which is bad enough. On cool:

    The default is: (From Table 2 of the Manual)

    wake: 6:00 am 78
    leave: 8:00 am 85
    return: 6:00 pm 78
    sleep: 10:00 pm 82

    Now, on this stat, checking the program set up, all periods showed blanks, meaning no program was in place, right? So, if the time was set up correctly (which it wasn't but I changed that), at each default time the unit would strive to maintain that temperature? Right?

    Question #1: If one were to change the temp, say use the down key to move to a different setting, this new setting would only last until the next time period in the default. Right? So, at 7:45am if the temp was 78 and you scrolled down to 74, this new setting would only last until 8:00am. That's the way I see it.

    Question #2: If you use the HOLD button first and then scroll up or down, this new temperature would override all the defaults and maintain that temp unless the tstat was switched off of cool. Right?

    Try as I could, the wife wanted to leave it alone. (I think she wasn't allowed to touch it). I left, stressing that a program should be entered to get full use of the tstat, but in this case, use the hold button when changing the temp. It was a free call anyway and I had a lot of no cools to do, so let Mr HO do the entering.

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    If setback feature is enabled, any temperature changes made during each period will be canceled at the beginning of the next setback interval, unless the thermostat has been placed on the equivalent of "permanent hold".

    Sounds like there may have been an ongoing thermostat war in that house between husband and wife.
    Psychrometrics: the very foundation of HVAC. A comfort troubleshooter's best friend.

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