yeah i know where your coming from. but look i dont own a magna helix. im really not even familiar with them. he told me he had all the equipment. well he didnt have a motor pulley. i recognized this, and am 60% sure it will be an issue. just from past experience. and i've changed pulleys before, i cleaned condensors before.. shoulda coulda woulda etc. the guy that i met off some chat program last night.. that i did this install for 60$ canadian. said he would of been happy to just get the lines ran. right now he has a fully operational a/c unit thats blowing cold air. i gave him the heads up on the condensor. he should clean it cause i told him to. and the pulley well he should get that with the belt too if he wants me to install it. i mean comeon he's a plumber but still he can get these things.. and is smart enough to know what i say should be done. he aint just some HO.