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    man, you guys pay more (per gallon) for a bottle of water than you do gas, what are you complaining about?

    you want something to complain about? how about this?

    today i bought a case of beer (2.25 gals.), and paid 15.49.
    that equals 6.88/gal.

    6.88 for a gallon of water with small amounts of hops, rice and barley malt. and of course time, the exclusive beechwood aging process must take at least a week.

    all this typing has made me thirsty, i think it's beer thirty.

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    A guy at the job site told me fuel oil was running $3/gal and asked about if a new furnace would help.

    I told him to upgrade his insulation and tighten the house, if its in bad shape, which it did need some work. At those prices even a new furnace would eat up the fuel.

    Wonder how propane is doing? First year I used %700, after upgrades have been running $400/yr all gas house.
    Col 3:23

    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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