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    ...collided about a mile from here this afternoon around 3:40 pm over our bay.

    2 confirmed dead from one plane and the other managed to land back on the water at our main beach area. Weather was not an issue as we've been driving around all afternoon with the roof down.

    In a coincidence, my youngest daughter plays soccer with a girl that walked away from the Air France plane that crashed at Pearson Int. in Toronto this week.

    Rough week for flyers.
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    My grandfather helps build small personal planes for this guy near Augusta, GA. He called last weekend to say this guy took off from the airfield only to crash a few seconds after takeoff. He walked away. Plane went up in flames. Lucky guy.
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    Oddly enought the same thing happened in Seattle two days ago. Float plane got clipped by a student pilot flying underneath who came out of nowhere. Student pilot and passanger lost wing so they went down into a school that was in the process of being torn down.

    Other pilot in float plane put it down safely on the grass at the airport.
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    when you are flying a plane it is very easy to forget that you are sharing the same airspace with so many others . on take off and landing it is so easy for an inexperienced pilot to get "behind" the airplane and with your attention diverted it is easy to focus on other things and forget to fly the plane

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