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    Hi all,
    I have just have trane dealer to install a new trane seer 12 AC, plus new coil and new furnace on July 5th. Within 10 days, the AC won't pump enough cool air to cool down the house and the humidity kept at low 70% and could go down. So on july 17th, I called the installer and he came by and checked outside AC unit and inside coil and found no leak. He then put more freon into the new AC and he called "boost shot". Since then, the AC has been running fine. I can get the temperature that I want and plus the humidity has been kept around mid 50%.
    I am living a 2000 squre feet house in southern Illinois and new AC unit is a trane 4 ton seer 12.
    I am really confused at what happened before. Does anyone here have an explanation about what that might happen on my new AC at its first 10-day's operation?

    Confused, IL

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    Probably did not charge it perfect to begin with no big deal could have been extremely hot and humid in the home at the time of install stuff happens, came back after the temps in the house stabilized and was able to charge it more precise, we have had to do this before under certain conditions, but the HO did not have to call us we made an appointment to come back the next day or so to recheck, yes some of us a/c guys are still human believe it or not.
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