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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    He's old. He just didn't hear your first responce so you may have to repeat it a few times.

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    This weekend my brother-in-law and I went up to Lake St. Catherine to play in a golf tornament. So I have been off line since Thursday and didn't see this post until now.

    I was wondering about the email situation. I sent spotts several emails also. I did tell you that I got a cheap airfare ticket on Fed Ex or one of those air lines.

    Also I was looking to book a room at Floydes Bed & Breakfast & Bait Shop which is just north of Mile High. Seeing as spotts is going to be my Indian Scout way out West he will have to check these things out.

    And Jack make sure you get back into your physical fitness exercise progarm right after the convention. In case those Bronco fans start beating on this Old Patriot, you'll have to watch my back.

    I'll call you later on the phone when the sun catches up with Colorado to straighten out this email malfunction.

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