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    starting my own business but unsure of how to get ahold of a price to qoute my customers any help

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    do a search for flat rate, lots of info on the good and bad for each. I have just making my own but would rather have the drhvac one from all the stuff I have read.
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    Figure your overhead and other cost to run your company, then add your mark up.
    Figure enough to make a small profit or you will never grow or be able to offer benefits that attract good employees.
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    flat rate is a good choice but to understand the value of the f/r book you need to see what the other guys do. know your product value, overhead,cost of doing the call, what profett you have to make to stay afloat, with these factors you can get what you need for your hrly rate. what you can discount your work for and break even. this is basic manigment ther is a lot more to concider befor you get rolling on this. i would take mngmnt. classes at the local collage to help with geting going on this. most start up bissness fail because of lack of mngmnt. its hard to weather the storm if your not prepaired for it. good luck

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