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    Tran XE 900

    I Have A Trane XE 900 Heat Pump. Model # TWD736B100AO. Serial # F16268116. What is the Seer and ton rating?. This unit was installed in 1991. How much longer would you expect it to run? I average about 1200 KWH per month in a 1800 Sq Ft home in Florida. Can you give me a calculation of energy usage versus higher Seer rating . Thanks

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    The unit is a 3 ton, roughly in the 9 SEER range depending on inside unit. As far as what you can expect for energy savings, rule of thumb I use is 10% per SEER point. As far as acutal savings a load calc works best to figure it.

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    as far as how long it will last. depends on maintence, environment. I know here just environment alone that thing would have been a ball of rust long ago.

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    at 21 yrs it crap out anytime, or could go another 20 yrs . you can save a few bucks a month on electricity if you replace it

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