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    What brand of unit did you have installed? Model and serial number if you can find it.

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    chill your right and i am sorry for the impression
    the flux will not harm the pipe just needs to be wiped off

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    Originally posted by jykt2005
    What is soft solder, and what is staybrite with flux? Which is better (for long term durability, maintenance, less likely to leak)?
    Depends on the application and person. One may be better at one than the other. If done properly either will last for a very long time.

    How is brazing different from soldering?
    Higher temperatures.

    Where do filter-drier normally go anyway?
    Outside. However, having a filter/drier inside is not an issue! Actually it will perform BETTER inside in a colder climate!

    So don't be worried over this little design choice/option.

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    Thanks, guys for all the advice! I'm going to clean it and sandpaper it, no big deal. Besides this oversight, the team did a great job, the unit is cooling great. The supervisor had a NATE certification badge and he was really great, I think his junior guy who is delegated to clean must have forgotten. You folks can identify with that, and I can too, having fogotten stuff when I was young and starting out. But it's good to know and not get worried...

    As for the filter drier, just curious to know what the heck it is, and its location. Isn't it usually inside the compressor cage?

    Thanks, folks for all the knowledge... JYKT2005

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    Originally posted by jykt2005
    As for the filter drier, just curious to know what the heck it is, and its location. Isn't it usually inside the compressor cage?

    Filter as in like the oil filter on your vehicle. Catching any debris that may be in the system.

    Drier as in absorbs any moisture that remains in the system after evacuation. Moisture is one bad product to be contained inside a refrigeration system. It will mix with the refrigerant to form acids. These acids will eat at the motors windings and cause premature compressor failure.

    Normally a filter/drier is factory installed in the condensing unit. Or installed just after the condensing unit. On the LL line just after the valve assembly (only if, one is not installed in the condensing unit).

    However, like I posted before, the Filter/drier may be installed inside before the evap coil. This location is preferred when using an old line set. That way if there is any debris in the line, it gets caught before it enters the metering device. And the colder climate will aid the drier in the moisture removal process.

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    Thank you for your answer. It's very educational for me. I'm glad the filter/drier is placed inside.

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