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    Ribeye Sandwhich recipe!!! awesome

    this is my new favorite grilled food thought i would share
    Thin cut ribeye steaks
    brown sugar
    kikkomans naturally brewed soy sauce
    french bread
    pepperjack cheese

    first you make a marinade with the soy sauce and brown sugar, you want to make a paste not real pasty but a little thicker then just soy sauce
    soak the steaks in the marinade for a few hours flip them half way through

    after they soak throw them on the grill and let them cook, once they are on take the marinade and put in a pan and let simmer to a slight boil, once at a boil steam and sautee the mushrooms and onions in the juice..... just before you take the steaks off you want to cut the bread in half and drizzle the marinade on cut side of bread, throw them on the grill to slightly crisp the bread. then pull the bread off and steaks off. cut the steaks in strips and place on the bread, then take the mushrooms and onion mix on top of steak, drizzle more sauce on the meat and bread, then top with cheese and eat.....

    best stuff you will ever have......

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    Thumbs up Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Thanks, printed to pdf and saved to my "Food" folder.

    Can't wait to try it.
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    im also going to print this one.

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    Looks like this is going on the menu for Father's Day lunch.

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    Great sandwich

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