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    Originally posted by blakeas
    I am going to replace this myself - Any tips? Should i label the wires when i disconnect my manual T-stat? I also know to shut off power when i am about to begin....Will the new T-stat match up to the old wires or will the labeling be completely different?
    dude- calm down.

    1. Read the rules- no DIY instructions on this site. If you are not comfortable with what you are doing- go to vegas and waste your money there- becasue you are about to risk frying a 5000 dollar HVAC system to save a few bucks.
    2. There are many different models of Vision Pro to fit particular systems.

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    I understand - I see now that I should not post DIY questions on this board - I apologize. But if I can rebuild and engine on my car then i can wire a new thermostat. It is not that I am not comfortable, I just wanted to ask the experts. I am sorry If I offended the board.....

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    Fuse the Transformer

    Put a fast blow fuse on the hot of the Step down transformer if you do change tstats. This will blow the fuse before blowing the transformer which will save you grief. MANY of the new tstats will have TECH support for wiring to whatever type of system you use. Go to the website for JOE TSTAT Company and give them what you currently have and they will tell you how to wire the new one up. I am not telling you to do it but I am telling you where to find info on doing it. Not condoning but damn if you can rebuild your engine I know you are as smart as a hell of a lot of the people and smarter than most.Be aware you can still mess stuff up on your system if you hook it up wrong but I don't really think you will cause 5000 dollars damage on your residential system but who knows....

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