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    This whole Pureatech thing is nothing but one huge scam! They have scammed people all over the country. After they screwed me out of filters and service I found this company in Richmond, VA who claimed to be the manufacuter of the filters. They were called 4 Your and AFG Sales. I purchased from them. I still have not received my filters after four weeks of waiting. Now they are no longer answering the phone! After much due diligence I found htat their adress just happens to be the same as a Pureatech office in Richmond, VA. The company is owned by John McIntyre the former president of Pureatech. Be weary of these people. They are out to screw every body! Dont be their next victim!

    Go to and do a search on Harry Youdell there are more lawsuits pending. They are all crooks!

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    I ordered replacement filters from Filters For Life, 800.435.5847. They were much less than getting them from the local Pureatech rep here in DFW-land, and arrived within a week and fit perfectly. Unfortunately, after spending over 4 grand on this system back in '02, we are stuck with it. We've never been completely satisfied with this system.

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